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English Bulldog Skin Problems (With Real Solutions)

English Bulldog Skin Problems (With Real Solutions)

Ever wondered why English bulldogs are susceptible to a myriad of health problems?

The humble answer,

As human beings, we have bred them countless times with the effort of bringing forth, bulldogs with our own desired features.

That’s right! And the repercussions?

While making bulldogs more marketable with good looks, in disguise we’re creating unending health issues to them. Even worse, we’re creating for them a terrible life.

And in this post, we’ll discuss in details these health problems more so the English bulldog skin problems, their possible causes, the symptoms to look out for plus treatment.

To top it all, I’ll give you solid advice you can implement today to care for your bulldog successfully.


Let’s fire away.

The Naked Truth About An English Bulldog Skin Problems

Let’s admit it.

English Bulldogs are attributed to be a loyal, friendly, and courageous breed. They exclusively like their owners and are super stubborn. They’ll always do whatever it takes to get what they want.

The truth is, while these qualities may sound sweet, they in no way outweigh the fact that. It is an enigmatic breed predisposed to adverse health problems resulting from human interference.

Here’s what I mean.

Humans perceive the animal’s appearance comes first before its well-being. It’s evident as a culture we’re inclined to treasuring the bulldogs looks over their overall health.

For instance, today, Bulldogs have smashed faces to resemble humans, bigger heads which call for expensive C-section births, short muzzles which cause respiratory problems, and short legs that they can’t run as fast as you would want.

And it’s no wonder the new age bulldogs do not resemble their ancestors at all.

Going by this example, it is clear bulldogs can’t escape health problems. Other than the skin problems which are our main focus here, others range from respiratory, to heart, to head tremors and the list keeps expanding.

Without further ado, let's take a deep dive into these skin problems. Shall we?

English Bulldog Skin Problems Associated With Allergies

To begin with, let’s remind ourselves.

In simple terms, an allergy is a body reaction that stimulates exposure. It could be something your bulldog inhaled, consumed or contact.

Here's what we shall do. We'll classify the allergy causes into 3 sections;

  • Inhalation problems
  • Contact problems
  • Consumption problems

Below, let’s quickly explore the health problems brought about by each of these.

Inhalation Allergies

The point is.

While in his adventures, your bulldog is likely to inhale substances such as dust, pollen, molds, etc. In turn, this causes an allergic reaction towards his skin leading to a condition we’re about to discuss next.

Leading Cause of English Bulldog Skin Problems: Canine Atopic Dermatitis/Atopy

Actually, Atopy being a non-parasitic infection is one of the most popular English bulldog skin problems. It results in itchy, dry skin with rough bumps or open sores.

Your dog’s likely to rub his face and eyes, lick and itch himself excessively with this skin problem especially around his ears and feet.

Where further infections develop resulting in odor and discharge. Your vet will diagnose this condition based on your dog’s skin history. Then he will recommend you the right dosage of medicine as it solely depends on your dog’s weight and his health status.

The skin problem can worsen more so during the warmer seasons giving birth to the following acute illness.

Dry Skin Problem

Let’s look at it this way,

Aside from the aforementioned allergic factors, you may find your dog’s skin to be flaky or full of dandruff as a result of the following factors. A sure indication your dog’s suffering from dry skin problem.
  • Nutritional imbalance,
  • Low humidity and poor air quality
  • Frequent use of flea and coat whitening shampoos

Can we now find out the possible solutions for each of these?

Nutritional imbalance

Usually, your dog may be lacking healthy fatty acids in his system. Here, we’re talking of the essential and non-essential fatty acids. The red signs reveal themselves in the form of dry skin.

The solution?

To combat this problem, you may need to consider adding omega 3 supplements to his diet. Better still switch foods altogether. And you’ll successfully give your dog healthy, supple skin.

Low Humidity and Poor Air Quality

Often, Bulldogs develop skin problems when they're subjected to poor environmental conditions. Humidity, for instance, should not be lower than average in your house. 

What am I saying here?

Consider using a humidifier to create a conducive environment for your dog. Also, strive to increase your bulldog’s vitamin E intake for better results.

Flea and Coat Whitening Shampoos

You know what?

The harshness and frequent use of these products entirely remove the natural oils present in your bulldog’s coat. You may over wash your dog convincing yourself you’re only grooming him.

In disguise, you’re depriving his skin the chance to restore its natural oils. If you must use a shampoo, consider oatmeal (homemade) shampoo in place of itchiness shampoos, not unless the itchy skin’s uncontrollable.

Other Factors Causing Dry Skin Problems 

Let me say this straight. Factors such as the ones stated below require attention from your vet. He/she should advise you on the best medications to be administered.

Here are those factors;

  • Digestive disorders,
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Diseases of liver, kidney or
  • skin cancer

That said about the inhalation allergy problems. Below let’s now discuss in details the potential issues associated with consumption.

Consumption Allergies

The truth is.

Your dog may consume foods with ingredients that may cause allergic reaction towards his skin. With the increasing number of bulldogs poorly bred, such skin allergies will continue to rise.  

In fact, if you’re wondering which foods specifically contain these allergic ingredients. I’ll share with you the popular one; soy, eggs, corn, and chicken. Don’t take my word for it though.

If you’re unsure, you can always follow a simple process at home to eliminate these foods. By carefully removing each meal at a time and it won’t be long before you discover which one your dog is allergic to.

Still, on food, it’s important to note the variance between allergy and intolerance. On the other hand, when your dog has a food allergy, just like what humans do when they eat some foods. He’s likely to itch and lick at himself.

On the other hand, if your dog has a food intolerance, like humans he’s likely to vomit when he consumes certain foods. Hope you see the difference.

Now, to treat skin problems associated with food allergies, switch to allergy-friendly ones. In a matter of time, your bulldog's skin will clear.

So far, let’s remind ourselves where we’ve come from. We’ve tackled the skin problems associated with inhalation and consumption. Without further ado why don’t we dive right into the third one?

Contact Allergies.

Let’s get straight to the point.

These allergies are brought about by direct contact of a specific substance with the skin. For instance, allergic substances could be chlorine water or insect bite.

Chlorine water.

The point is.

When your dog engages in swimming activities, the chlorine water in the pool may cause an allergic reaction to his skin. It is essential for you to be on the lookout in the event your dog suffers from such.

You may need to stop him from swimming as most pools are treated with this chemical component. If he suffers, as a result, worry not. What you’re supposed to do is to bathe him with allergy relief shampoo to rinse off the allergen.

Insect bite

What this simply means is.

Your dog may suffer from skin allergies when insects such as fleas and termite species bite his skin. There a few measures you can employ when this happens. Get rid of the offending insects in or around your house while you consult

Your vet may suggest medications such as Biospot, Advantix, and Frontline to get rid of those pests. It’s crucial to note these Insect bites if not treated, can result in skin conditions namely, hotspot and hives.


Now get this:

These round, itchy sores appear in multiple areas of bulldog’s skin. Most commonly around the ears. Your dog with such a problem is likely to develop ear infections as well. And as your bulldog continuously bites the area.

He exacerbates the development of lesions containing discharge and pus. Aside from the aforementioned allergic reactions, parasites, and anal gland problems can also cause these spots.

Treatment involves cutting the hair around the affected area. And cleaning the lesion with a drying or antiseptic shampoo for pets. Also, some oral antibiotics may be prescribed by your vet to prevent further bacterial infections.


The reality is:

These are allergic reactions which mostly affect both humans and animals. Bulldogs fall in the animal category, so they do suffer from these. Essentially, hives are itchy bumps causing your bulldog's coat hair to stick out.

You may also notice some swelling around the eyelids.

Hives crop up fast like within 30 minutes of being exposed to allergens. Aside from insect bites, hives can be the result of either topical medication or applications.

Treatment depends solely on the outbreak’s cause.

Consult your vet who shall recommend for instance antihistamine. With the effort of controlling the discomfort, hives bring plus the swelling. He may also suggest you clean your bulldog's coat with a shampoo called hypoallergenic.

After which you're to rinse it off thoroughly to remove any allergen left. Let’s jump ahead and discuss

English Bulldog Skin Allergy Imitators

Here’s the key.

They’re inappropriate immune responses towards usual foods and substances. Especially in your dog’s surroundings for instance pollen, fleas or mold.

Allergic dogs are said to have an immune system which is compromised. To mean it’s unable to distinguish between rivals like viruses and harmless substances like food.

By far, Canine allergies affect a part or the entire skin. Earlier we classified the allergy causes in to 3 sections namely; contact, inhaled and consumed.

We later described each of these causes and here’s what I’d like to add. If your dog has symptoms as mentioned, don’t jump into a conclusion that it’s an allergy.

There’re a couple allergy imitators that pose just like allergies and. It’s easier to treat these than it is to treat allergies themselves.

  •  Yeast infection
  • Leaky gut

Yeast Infection

Here’s the thing. Yeast is a fungus present in both dogs and humans as their normal part of flora. The most popular types of yeasts that live on your dog’s skin are;

Candida and Malassezia. Even though they by far outnumber your dog’s body cells, there’s a way they can be disrupted. Genetically modified and processed foods,

Vaccines and drugs destroy the beneficial flora. Thus allowing the yeast gatherings to grow rapidly in large numbers. And with your dog, you’ll start noticing symptoms like;

  • Repeatedly chewing or licking his feet, rusty-red hair between his toes.  
  • Tiny black dots under his belly, or rusty shade around his genitals 
  • Recurring symptoms (appearing during spring and fade in the fall).  
  • A sweet smell and greasy hair sometimes with heavy dandruff.  
  • Hair loss on both the tail and the upper back.
  • Dark skin, where there’s loss of hair.
  • Itchy ears with a reddish discharge and shaking his head.

But now, how do you combat this condition given the above symptoms are present?

Worry not. Here’s the solution.

How well you can manage yeast infections in your dog.

  • Eliminate starchy foods like corn, rice, potatoes from his diet. Instead try to add foods like garlic, coconut oil, oil of oregano etc. 
  • By all means avoid feeding him with processed foods as they have ingredients that kill beneficial flora thus encouraging yeast overpopulation.
  • Keep him away from drug and chemical exposure as they disrupt his body’s flora. Flora contains bacteria that keep yeast population on check.
  • Strive to build a healthy balance of flora with fermented foods and vegetables like kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, garlic, dandelion etc.
  • Keep the yeast population down by adding supplements such as astragalus and milk thistle seed to boost your dog’s immune system.  
  • Fight the surface yeast by sprinkling apple cider vinegar solution on your dog’s fur and. Massage him entirely to raise PH level and discourage yeast growth.
  • Once in a week, gently massage the yeasty areas with a mixture of 8 oz extra virgin coconut oil, 10 drops lavender oil and 2 drops lemon essential oil.

I believe with these at your fingertips, you’ll be able to battle yeast infection with confidence. Now let’s quickly switch gears and have a look at the other imitator.

Leaky gut

In simple terms, leaky gut is similar to yeast infections. It’s just that the overpopulated yeast converts themselves into harmful fungi known as Candida and Malassezia.

They then proceed to attach themselves onto the Intestinal wall. This causes inflammation which leads to the leaky gut problem.

In other words, when your dog develops leaky gut, yeast and undigested proteins finds their way to the intestinal lining. And finally end up into your dog’s bloodstream.

So, it’s safe to say that yeast and leaky gut will occur concurrently - however not always

The symptoms and signs of leaky gut condition differ for one main reason. The chronic inflammation affects numerous organs. Nevertheless, they may include;

  • Skin and allergy symptoms
  • Joint pain
  • Nervous system and eye disorders
  • Inflammatory bowel disease

How can you excellently manage leaky gut?

I’m glad you asked. Well, Simple foods and supplements such as below restore bacteria and microorganisms’ balance in your dog.

They soothe inflammation and seal the holes present in the intestinal lining. And you know what? In disguise, these foods also treat yeast.

  • Kefir or raw yoghurt
  • Fermented vegetables
  • Bone broth helps to build the cell structure
  • Coconut oil kills yeast and supports the beneficial bacteria

Here are some of the supplements that work hand in hand with the above foods;

  • Marshmallow root 
  • L-Glutamine
  • Digestive enzymes
  •  Aloe vera
  • Quercetin
  • Ginger root
  • Turmeric

In knowing that about allergy imitators causing skin problems, below we’ll explore other causes briefly.

Other Potential English Bulldog Skin Problems

Hair lose/shedding

Chances are, if you’re keen enough, you may notice a patchy or thin hair coat with your dog or the obvious loss of hair.

Hair loss sometimes is seasonal which isn’t a cause for alarm. But if shedding persists, consult your vet though in most cases it may be as a result of factors such as;

  • nutritional imbalances
  • allergies(food, insect bite, and contact) 
  • external parasites(like ringworm/mange)
  • bacterial infections
  • hormonal disorders(of thyroid and adrenal gland)
  • kidney and liver diseases

If not treated entirely secondary lesions such as papules, pustules may develop. And treatment depends entirely on the root cause.

So you need to frequently consult your vet for the right shampoos, therapy and also the right supplements to add on to your bulldog’s diet.


Odds are, Your English bulldog is disposed to developing acne. Acne’s mainly occurs when dirt enters through your dog’s skin pores.

They often appear on the muzzle, lips, and chin as pimples or blackheads. Allergic reactions also can contribute to this problem. Though Acne mostly affects the young Bulldogs.


Simply, this condition is due to sebum overproduction causing the skin of your bulldog to become overly oily. In some other cases, the skin may become excessively dry.

Some bacterial or fungal infections contribute to this condition too. An infection may appear on the skin patches discharging a nasty odor. Thankfully, your veterinarian can treat it with the appropriate antibiotic

Skin Cancer

This enigmatic breed is prone to developing this skin problem just like other breeds around. Though, bulldogs with the white coat are the primary victims here.

How’s that? Skin cancer usually is caused by sun exposure where you’ll notice discoloration or wart-like growth on your dog’s skin.

The common areas to be affected are belly, nose and paw pads. And to avoid this problem refrain from cutting you bulldog’s hair short. For it protects him from the

Scorching sunrays. It’s also wise to get a sunscreen you’ll be applying on your bulldog’s skin when he’s sunbathing.

Fold dermatitis

We all know that all bulldogs have loose skin. Sometimes this very skin becomes a major problem for him.

Let me explain:

The excess skin around his eyes may hinder his vision. Even worse, if stepped on, the excess skin can get wounded.

It’s sometimes uncomfortable as it rubs against the other skin. The friction caused generates heat on to the skin inside the fold.

Which is why you need to employ the measures I’m about to discuss with you. So you can implement them moving forward.

And better take care of your bulldog to prevent him from such infections. Before we go into that, let me ask you.

Do you want your bulldog to receive positive compliments about his skin complexion?

Stick with me here as I break it down for you the simple ways to achieve that.

English Bulldog Skin Problem: Simple Ways to Caring for Your Bully’s Skin At Home

Now, when we talk of care, you‘ve got to unconditionally shower huge amounts of love to your bulldog more so physically.

And what this means is:

To provide care for your bulldog’s skin, you need to adopt the following practices.  And strictly follow them through with each passing day.

  • Cleaning his face wrinkles regularly using baby wipes or a clean cloth, mild soap and water to prevent bacteria from breeding inside his cute folds.
  • In a case where his skin gets irritated, applying petroleum jelly on it does the magic.
  • Groom him twice a week using a nice brush and comb to remove dead skin while you inspect on his coat problems like dandruff presence or scaling.
  • If you groom him well, there won’t be any need to bathe him. Not unless he gets himself dirty otherwise frequent baths only eradicates his natural skin oils.
  • If his body reacts to certain foods, by all means, eliminate those and embark on the ones he’s okay with.
  • Consult your vet for the right fish oil capsules you should purchase together with the recommended dosage depending on your dog’s age.
  • For the case of uncontrollable itching, medications like Benadryl should help relieve this. Though sometimes the itching could be due to flea infestation.
  • To rule out such a case, using your hand comb his hair gently to inspect any fleas of which you may need to give insect medication specifically for tick and fleas.

Bottom Line About English Bulldog Skin Problems

Yeah, it's true.

English Bulldogs have a myriad of challenges health-wise which if not correctly dealt with. Their life span’s bound to shorten.

But thankfully, you learned about these health problems above, more so the skin problems.

And you realize, you as the bulldog parent have the top mandate to prolong his stay by carrying his cross on to ensure without fail you supply him with proper nutrition for his health's sake.

Take care of his skin simply by following the measures as mentioned above and you’ll not only promote proper hygiene for your bulldog, but also, you’ll sure keep bacterial infections at bay.

Such a heavenly feeling any pet owner would wish to experience. Isn’t it?

In a nutshell, I know caring for your bulldog may sound like it’s too much of work and it is. The only sure way to get around it is to take each day at a time and trust me.

If you care enough, no challenge should ever stand between you and your sweet bulldog’s wellbeing. And because you care, The ball is on your side now.

Go ahead and make it happen. You can fix these English bulldog skin problems today

English Bulldog Training

English Bulldog Training: The Definitive Guide (With 6 Steps)

Does your puppy rest on sofas, grab objects, and chew them?  

Even worse relieve himself only to keep you changing sofa covers quite often?

The truth is, if you encourage these undesirable behaviors, he's going to carry them on to his adolescence stage. 

Up next I’ve compiled for you everything you need to know. Plus, the critical steps you can easily follow when conducting English bulldog training successfully.

Behaviors he should adopt. And you’ll realize training is not as complicated as many people perceive it. With consistency, positive results are attainable.

Well, let's dive right in.

English Bulldog Training 101: Why it is Essential to Train Your English Puppy

You see, when you train your puppy, you not only promote his well-being, but also qualify to be a responsible pet owner. By teaching him, you'll learn to accommodate his needs better while you manage your expectations.

You’ll also stimulate him mentally thus making him jovial every single time. It gets even better when you include the early morning exercises for the sake of his physical fitness.

And for better results, introduce a training that’s reward-based to make your English bulldog to respond well to the lessons. You'll also improve your relationship with him.

The reward-based training discourages nasty behaviors. Where you’ll not offer any rewards if the puppy messes up. He’ll have only the  option of maintaining good habits always.   

Having that said. Next, we look at the right time to train you English bulldog.

English Bulldog Training: The Best Times to Train Your English Bulldog

It’s important.

To know your English bulldog is active certain times during the day. Try to monitor him closely to get to know these times.

Take advantage of this period to train him as he’s alert and can respond with a lot of energy. And remember, Bulldogs have a short attention span of about 15 minutes. 

So when you’re training him, never exceed this limit else your efforts fall on deaf ears. Adhere to these spans throughout the day to see your training progress.

Together with those attention spans, your puppy will respond better to your instructions only if you inaugurate yourself properly on the onset.

Step 1. How to Inaugurate Yourself the Correct Way


You want your English bulldog to recognize you as the Alpha of the house. Openly letting you take charge and standing firm.

Let me explain in details:

  • When giving him commands, wear a serious face and tone for him to obey your commands right there.
  • When moving in and out of the house, lead as he follows you. It signalizes he should always let people go through the door first.
  • No matter how much you grow fond of him, refrain from moving around him. Let him pave when you pass by.
  • When its feeding time, feed yourself first then him second. It doesn't matter how hungry he is, he has to practice a little patience.
  • Let him visit his usual spot to enjoy his food. Feeding him on a family table is unacceptable. He should be away from the dinner table.
  • Teach him to never sleep on your bed. Temptations are there when you convince yourself, ‘it’s only for today.’ Please don’t fall for it. Let him sleep on his bed always.

After you set those boundaries straightaway, the next thing's to get these ‘tools of the trade’ as soon as you can. They’ll save you a lot of troubles as you delve into the training.

Step 2. Handy ‘Tools of Trade’ That Gets You Both Rolling

Let me guess.

You don’t want to be on all fours each passing minute tracing your tiny puppy. That’s why you need to get your puppy used to wear a collar and a lead.

A collar and a lead make it easier for you to grab your English bulldog when you need to. And you will always stay connected when walking together.

Let me show you how.
  • Start purchasing an adjustable collar. Your puppy will outgrow it soon enough. Buckle the collar not so tight and not so loose around his neck. Supervise him because
  • He might hurt himself bad trying to get rid of it. Remember he finds it a bother as he’s not used. Watch him from a distance a couple of times until he’s comfortable wearing the collar and start.
  • Watch him carefully so the lead doesn’t get tangled or catch nearby objects. If you notice he’s okay with it, hold the lead’s tip and start moving away calling your puppy. The only mistake you can ever make is to drag or fight him
  • Instead, encourage him by showering him with lots of treats and praises. So he gets to walk towards where you are. Keep this training session short and positive.

Let me say this straight.

Your first walk together won’t be an easy one. Only you need to remember those first steps he’s making are the beginning. If you’re impatient, stop the lesson, take a break and try again later.

In no time he’ll get used as you two take trips to for example a bank, the shopping, the vet’s clinic etc. And forget not.

To attach an identification tag to the collar. When your English bulldog gets lost, this awesome tag will play a major role in bringing him back home.

As you’ve already got your hands on the training, your prayer now on will be, ‘may it run smoothly.’ And oh! The answer to your prayer might not be what you think. 

Step 3. The Secret to Bolster the Training Process

Admit it.

You want your English bulldog to be reliable, listen, and do what you say each time.

First, get your puppy only if you’re available or have someone to teach him around. The grave mistake you'll ever make is to bring him home with no time for him.

Training your English bulldog should kick start as soon as day one; otherwise, he will develop some nasty manners you’ll find hard to pull out.

Now, develop a schedule you are going to follow throughout the training period. A schedule that corresponds with his active times as we earlier discussed.

A schedule that fits your family and hangs it somewhere in the house. It’ll drastically save yourself or other family members from knowing what activity follows next.

To help you visualize how it should look. Below I've drafted one you can ‘steal' and use right away or better still use it to come up with something better.


Morning              - pick him up, feed him, and take him out, 

Mid-morning     - feed him, take him out, play with him

Noon                     - take him out, play with him, feed him

Evening                - play with him, feed him, and take him out

Night                    - feed him, take him out before bed.

Puppies are small, and so are their body parts including the bladder. Meaning holding for long is impossible. With a schedule in place, your puppy will learn and discover control.

You realize in our sample schedule, there are several trips right? These’re necessary as your puppy will get used to moving out when nature calls often.

Do you know what you’ll be avoiding?

Correct! Accidents in your house. But please don’t get caught up in a schedule because your puppy will do what he feels like.

Your schedule should only act as a guide to ensure you stick to a strict routine. Real quick, formulate a comprehensive schedule that best suits your family and your puppy and

Like a glue, stick to it. Before you know it, your puppy now graduates to learn these essential lessons.

Step 4. Core Essentials Your English Bulldog Must Absorb

You don’t want to waste your time and energy teaching him a ton of commands. As they may seem interesting to you but not to him.

Some basic commands such as below will make your life and his a lot easier. Shall we explore them?  

Get Him to Respond to His Name.'

Your goal here's to get him to familiarize with his name and instantly respond when you call him.

  • 1
    Begin by holding a reward close to your heart or any other body part you prefer.
  • 2
    Start calling out his name. Initially, he'll gaze at the treat you’re holding.
  • 3
    Keep calling him until he looks straight to your eye.
  • 4
    Quickly give him a treat and repeat this exercise a couple of times.

When he gets used, try to call him with no treat. Instead, heap loads of hugs and praises on him when he responds. Want him to come?

‘Come Here My Darling.'

So, you want to get your English bulldog to come where you are. To begin:

  • 1
    Call him in a happy or excited tone and give him.
  • 2
    The Come command. Back away from him.
  • 3
     He’ll bound after you. Praise and give him a treat.
  • 4
    Don’t call him for punishment at this point. It shows you’re punishing him for coming

Practice this lesson during meal times, when walking together, for grooming sessions and you'll be happy with your puppy's response. Want to talk to him?

‘Sit There My Little Puppy.'

It’s important to let him sit when you want to offer him something or have a ‘talk.’ What you should do is:

  • 1
    Find his favorite treat and show it to him 
  • 2
    Politely tell him to sit while you move your hand back over his head. 
  • 3
    He’ll follow your treat and hand back, his nose up while sinking on his haunches
  • 4
    Keep your hand low over his head, praise and give him a treat.

Repeat this severally then end the session on a positive note. Some activity he's conversant. How about to discontinue?

‘Stop it

This’s a less formal command you can use while you are leaving, e.g. the house. What you need to do:

  • 1
    Walk towards your door, if he’s following you.
  • 2
    Say ‘wait’ so he doesn’t go through the door with you
  • 3
    If he insists, go ahead and restrain him
  • 4
    He’ll have no option than waiting you go through the door first

You have to be patient here, and if you get mad, please don't pour all the feelings on him. Keep at it he’ll eventually ‘get it.’

Tip: Always finish on a positive note. If there's a command, he's not getting, go back to the one the already knows and let him have a break

Step 5. Easily Potty Train Your Puppy With this Guidance

Frankly speaking. 

English bulldog puppies are tiny, and so are their organs. For instance, we earlier learnt to formulate a schedule as their small bladder cannot hold a lot of urine. 

That’s why at first, you’ll need to take numerous trips with him outside. As days go by, your puppy will demonstrate these surefire signs when he wants to relieve himself outside;

  • He’s likely to perform some preliminary dance 
  • He might Sniff a bit and circle around 
  • The back and forth pace that’ll get shorter and shorter before he finally goes out
  • Puppies tend to whine when they want to use the bathroom

Please keep your eyes peeled for those gestures. And quickly take him to potty before he relieves on himself. Wait! One more thing.

Always reward him and praise him for obeying your commands, in this case, when he eliminates in the right place. Similarly, you can assist him in advance to go potty

After feeding him, playing or walking. Also, remove his water bowl hours before he takes the evening nap. And before he sleeps ensure he empties his bladder.

Tip: Always have treats on hand or stuff them in your pockets to reward your English Bulldog whenever he does you proud.

Step 6. Rectify These Common Behavior Problems

Here's the interesting.

Your English bulldog is going to develop certain behaviors as he grows up. Behaviors that if not controlled early on will earn your English bulldog a ‘naughty dog’ title.

Let’s delve deeper.

Isn’t it Good to Share?

It is but not for this process.

Because when you don't give him, he'll beg today, tomorrow until it becomes his norm.

So, no matter how tempted you’re to offer him a piece of the chocolate. Please don’t. Let him wait for his turn if it will ever come. You can even play this other trick.

Intentionally eat your snack until you finish it while in his presence. I know it sounds unfair yet you're merely showing him to be content whether he’s given or not.

You’ll understand better why begging’s a nasty habit. When your family will be enjoying dinner together, or you host visitors in your house and your bulldog storms on stage. Hope you get my point.

What’s Wrong with Excitement Jumps?

Before you answer.

The brutal truth is, English Bulldogs aren't bouncy and jumpy. If your puppy does it, stop that habit for once. Let me explain why.

Yes, watching your dog jump for joy when you come home is a good feeling. Not until you’re well-dressed at the door ready to step out for an important meeting.

Of course, he'll be all over your cute outfit with his muddy paws, unknowingly shedding fur on it.  That’s when you realize it’s no longer a good feeling. You can say you don’t mind him yet.

When you'll host visitors in your house, they’ll not find the excitement jump any funny. And you know what’s worse? With his accumulating weight?

 He could knock over a child or an adult causing an injury. Let me not labor my point anymore. Simply let everyone in the house ignore his jumps until he learns it isn’t funny.

Is Burrowing Okay?

I’d say, it solely depends on you.

Bulldogs aren’t diggers, but young ones still dig. Two options you can choose.

One, allow him to dig and be filling up those random holes while you wait for him to mature. You are ensuring to monitor the digging, so your puppy doesn't end up eating toxic tubers or.

Two, prepare his digging spot by clearly marking off the spot, add some sand or dirt and introduce it this way to your puppy.

Bury his favorite treat, could be some dog biscuits under the sand’s surface or you drizzle some bacon grease on the ‘digging spot'. Before you know it, your dog finds it a tremendous digging place.

How About Yapping?

Yapping isn’t cool.

Initially, teach him to maintain calmness at all times. Show him the polite way of asking for something without necessarily creating a scene. Wait! There’s a red flag.

If he barks continuously, panic not, ensure he’s not distracted. Either he saw people he doesn’t know, suffering from separation anxiety, noise from passing vehicles.

Or, could be the weather is too cold or hot for him. Calm him down by taking him for a walk, give him tons of hugs, play with him, and feed him. This should be your new distraction routine.

But what do you do if it doesn't stop him from barking? Don't despair.

If You’re About to Give Up This Entire Process, Here’s Your Medicine

I admit.

This process might get into your nerves especially if you’ve never handled dogs. You’ll even feel like you were not cut out as a trainer.

Don’t beat yourself up too hard. Consider getting help no matter how small, or big the issue is. Truth is the longer it takes, the more the issue escalates to even serious problems.

And because you don’t want that to happen, Seek professionals in your local area or online to assist you. They’re readily available only if you seriously seek them.

If you think your puppy doesn’t get to play enough. The daycare should be your next available option where he’ll play with other puppies.

And Be taken good care of before you pick him up in the evening. Though I need not stress anymore how consistency and patience are paramount in this entire process.

In case you’re still trying to wrap all these tips we’ve covered around your head, let me summaries them for you quick.

What to Bear in Mind When Training An English Bulldog?


I don’t want you to dive headfirst into the training and only to regret later. That’s why I’ve put all these basic tips you need to consider from the onset.

They'll prepare you mentally on what to expect and what to do you immediately commit yourself to the training process.

  • It's going to be a long ongoing process which requires tons of patience and consistency to attain positive results.
  • Train him as soon as the day you bring him home for him to adjust and respond to the commands you dish out.
  • Maintain constant communication to help your puppy understand your lessons better. As a result, you'll open communication lines between you two.
  • Stress your tone a little when you want to stop him from doing something rather than yelling at him. Dogs do respond best to positive reinforcement.
  • Carefully pick those commands you plan on teaching him as not all commands he'll take well. In that case, only choose the essential commands for your dog.
  • To achieve success with training, work with your dog's strengths rather than battling his weaknesses day by day.
  • Encourage your English bulldog to socialize, for instance, let him play and interact with other dogs to learn a few things from them.
  • Ensure the area you choose in the yard is where you want him to go always and with the urine smell he’ll automatically discover he’s in the right place.
  • Play with him after he goes out and not before. Only because, he might go out playing and forget to return home and you don’t want that to happen.

Bottom Line About English Bulldog Training

Imagine, owning an English bulldog. This time, you purchase a puppy with the little bucks you have. He becomes your companion everywhere you go, e.g. to the bank, shopping wherever. 

Along the way, you even buy him a ton treats accompanied by huge hugs and cuddle. All because of the strong bond you both share.

Even better, he obeys each command you dish out to him because you religiously followed through the self-training steps I've shown you above.

And it’s not hard. With patience, persistence, and practice you should get positive results in a matter of time.

Do not wait for tomorrow that will never come. I've given you the necessary information you need to get started in English bulldog training. Change your mentality, Get an English bulldog and start training him right away.

Grooming An English Bulldog Expert Advice From An English Groomer

Let's cut to the chase...

Are you thinking of grooming an English bulldog, you've come to the right place.

No fluff. No overwhelming information that sounds the same. No superficial content that won't help you learn how to groom a Bulldog

So, here's what we will do.

I'm going to answer  common questions about an English Bulldog grooming. Give you a step by step guide, and the essential English Bulldog grooming kit you need.

You'll then take this information, start caring and grooming your English Bulldog

Sounds fair?

Then, let's get started?

Why You Should Start Brushing Your Bulldog (Plus Every Essential You’ll Need)

Let's agree on one thing.

An English Bulldog doesn't have an elaborate coat or thick fur like other dogs right? And that’s good news to you because you don't have a lot of different types of dog brushes to clean your Bully's fur.

Truth is, either way, you’ll still need a brush for these three reasons:

  • Remove dead ha​​​​ir or even skin
  • Activate the blood flow 
  • Spread oil throughout its coat

And for these same reasons, you’ll need suitable items to effectively clean your English bulldog’s fur. Not unless you want to clean him for the sake of doing it. So, real quick let’s find out the

Basic items you’ll need;

  • A squirt bottle for water; Spritzing your dog's coat before brushing prevents the dog's hair from breaking. Ensure to add a Listerine to keep your Bully's coat clean and dry. 
  • A bristle brush; A great brush for brushing away loose hair 
  • Currying comb; The perfect comb for working out his fur and removing any clumped hair

Shall We Brush Him Now?

Take your brush, start brushing from the nose to the tail. It’s important to note there’re certain postures which improve your bulldog brushing experience than others. For instance, reclining and standing.

If your Bully prefers not to recline during brushing, that's okay. You can let him stand instead. While you’re doing this remember to always have some treats available to calm him down.

That said, it’s important you review the following tips which will by far improve your bulldog brushing experience.

2 Surefire Tips To Effectively Brush Your English Bulldog

Tip #1.

Yeah, I know most of you have a grooming table. But what I’ve realized, my bed does make a wonderful grooming surface as well.

It’s fairly high enough and so, I prefer to host my Bulldog on it while I brush him. Another reason I love to brush him on the bed, it provides a big surface area for my dog and I. So I comfortably sit on the

Bed and carefully attend to him. And what's more? It’s a soft place for my Bully to roll over as I continue brushing the other sides. Unfortunately, it would be impossible if I were to do it on a grooming table so

If you’re going to try this, ensure you lay a sheet on your bed before laying your bulldog there. After brushing, take the sheet outside and shake the hair before throwing it in a washing machine.

If you’re excited about this great tip, well it’ll work like a charm if you combine it with this other tip.

Tip #2.

Did you know?

That most Bulldogs panic when there’re no surfaces to grip on during the grooming session? Which’s why you need to have a non-skid surface or a rubber mat for him to stand on and he’ll never

Slide or run away out of fear making it easier for you to brush him. Another note, Bulldogs don't have double coats as most dogs do. Meaning they do overheat.

That’s why every English bulldog needs special care and love during grooming. You might want to buy an English bulldog grooming kit, but that's not enough.

You see those cute little wrinkles on your Bulldog’s face, those you can't get enough of? They can develop serious infections if you don’t clean them properly.

Below we’re going to dig deeper to learn how best you clean your bully’s skin. And you’ll distance your bully from such infections.

English Bulldog's Skin: Effective Ways to Looking After Your Bully's Coat

Here’s the thing:

An English Bulldog tends to be more susceptible to skin problems than other breeds. These problems may range from dry, flaky skin to serious allergies.

Often, bulldogs with fleas may develop hot spots. And because you don’t want your bully to be infected with such skin problems. Up next we’ll discuss more about your

Bully's face wrinkles which need the most attention and care more than any other part.

Wisely Keep Your Bulldog's Wrinkles Clean and Dry

Deny it.

The fact that wrinkles give your Bulldog that characteristic charming look. But those face folds need to be clean and dry always. You can clean them once a week or every single day and here’s the reason.

There comes a time the skin inside the fold starts to look reddish, raw, which’s a sure sign that his skin is undeniably infected. Also, if you draw closer to your Bulldog’s face and notice a strong odor or goop

Coming from the wrinkles, as quickly as you can, you need to wipe him well using the following items;

  • Damp cloth
  • Cotton balls  
  • Alove
  • Baby wipes

When you use baby wipes with aloe, it not only soothes his skin. But also moisturizes it giving your dog that cool yet refreshing effect. Alternatively, this’s what you can use in case you don't have the aloe.

Get a damp cloth to perform the task for you. You can also mix shampoo with a drop of warm water, and cotton balls to clean the wrinkles. The next thing will be for you to rinse those wrinkles to

Prevent further irritation. No matter what you use to rinse your dog's face, ensure you pat those wrinkles dry. At this stage, you can certainly apply some petroleum jelly in the deep wrinkles to

Soothe the skin. The humble reason why you should not use drying agents such as powders and cornstarch is this. I’ve used them in the past only to notice some clumpiness and irritation on my Bully's skin later.

But in case your Bulldog has raw or irritated wrinkles, use a general antiseptic or a diaper-rush ointment to treat the area. And because we’ve exclusively discussed brushing your bully,

Also how to clean his skin more so the wrinkles, can we quickly switch gears and have a look at what the tail hygiene dictates?

Bulldog's Tail Pocket: Everything You Need To Know

One question if I may:

Did you know your bulldog’s tail is a perfect ground that can easily harbor harmful bacteria? Before you answer that, let me explain something. If your bulldog has got a tail pocket, it means he has a thick fold

 Surrounding the skin. And you need to make an effort of cleaning and drying that pocket. For those whom their English bulldog have a tight tail pocket, it’s advisable to clean it using a cotton ball or baby

Wipe. Forget not to dry it well and rub on it antibiotics cream for protection. Petroleum jelly’s also great as it moistens the area like it does for the wrinkles. If you suspect your bully’s tail could be infected or

Irritated tail, do not hesitate to see a veterinarian for further analysis. The most looked down part is the bully’s nails. Maybe because they’re only there for beauty purposes and while that could be it,

What much can be done about them?

2 Clever Ways to Excellently Care for Your Bulldog's Nails

You are lucky.

If you have a paved road or cemented sidewalks, because you may not need to clip or grind your Bully's nails. I mean the environment is usually clean but if you normally walk your bully to the neighborhoods

Like most of us do, you need to ensure your Bully's nails are short. To greatly reduce the possibility of your dog’s feet spreading causing him difficulties while walking by.

I know how scary it can be to cut your dog's nail. But imagine your bulldog will feel no pain unless you cut the quick (a long vein at the center of your dog's nail). The secret is to start trimming your bully

While he’s a pup so he gets used to having his feet handled as he grows up and like any other dog training lesson, You can hold his pawn and give him a treat. With time, your pup will associate paw

Handling with happy moments which’s a plus for you right? Let’s now take a dive right into the nail caring process with these easy ways.  

#1. Bulldog's Nail Clippers  

First and foremost.

Buy a special nail clipper for dogs. If you’re unable to find one, go ahead and ask either your groomer or your veterinary for a perfect recommendation and you’ll be ready to clip his nails as directed below.

Ensure the clippers are sharp enough for you to cut the nails faster. You’ll save yourself both the time and energy needed in this process. Start by clipping each foot at a time and as you trim the nails, give

Your pup a treat, release him to play and repeat the same pattern with all the toes. The break session allows you to recoup between trimmings. In fact, this’s a great way, especially if you’re worried about

Cutting your dog's quick. If your Bulldog has white nails, chances are, the quick will automatically be visible to you. As it resembles a small, dark nail inside the actual nail and if your Bully'sails are black,

You’ll need to make an educated guess. However, the general rule is  to never cut the nails past the pad of the foot. And the redeeming news? When you trim your Bully on a regular basis, eventually the quick

Will trim itself thus reducing the risk of you cutting it. Still on the quick issue, here’s the answer to the most commonly asked question.

What if you accidentally cut the quick?

Worry not.

  • First, get the styptic powder and apply on his toe to stop further bleeding
  • Second, keep the paw elevated until the bleeding ceases.

#2. Grinding the Nails

Try Grinding Your Bulldog's Nails Instead.

You can always use a grinder to file and grind the nails away. And in order to get your Bully used to it, frequently turn on the grinder so your bully gets used to both; the grinder’s noise and the shaking tool.

As discussed in the case of clipping. Begin by grinding one nail at a time. Give him a treat, release him to play and repeat the same pattern with all his nails. Doing this regularly is a sure way to get your

Bully used to the grinding process. And you’ll comfortably carry this out in future stress-free. Let’s not forget about these other useful organs of your bully’s body. The ears and this is why you need to care.

Why You need to Care More About Your Bulldog's Ears  

Here’s the thing.

Where there’s no free flow of air like in the ears, infections develop at a faster rate than that of lightning. That's why it’s crucial to clean your Bulldog's ears to prevent potential ear infections and

All you need is, hydrogen peroxide and a ball of cotton wool to clean him. While at it, do not forget his ear flaps. Clean them gently. And unless you want to injure your Bulldog ever, never, I repeat never

Poke or push into the inner ear when cleaning it. To rule out ear infections, look out for the following signs. If your Bully keeps on shaking his head or scratching his ears continuously, you may need

To see a vet right away. That said, there’re a few notes for you if you care so much about your bulldog’s healthy teeth. Follow me for a minute.

#1 Simple Truth About Caring Your Bulldog’s Teeth

How to clean your bulldog's teeth

Look here.

Tooth decay’s not a common problem with dogs as it is with humans. But that doesn't mean your Bulldog won't experience tooth problem. On the contrary, bulldogs are susceptible to

Complications such as tartar (a plaque that hardens the teeth). And you can protect your dog from such periodontal diseases by religiously brushing his teeth. I know you’re wondering.

Why Brush the Bulldog’s Teeth?

And I’ll tell you.

As it seems, brushing your bully's teeth is the last thing you would want to do. But the statistics reveal 75% of all dogs experience periodontal diseases when they are 4 years of age. That means,

You need to start brushing your Bulldog’s teeth using the right products from his early years of life up to maturity.  Your vet or groomer should recommend to you the best dog's teeth products. However,

These’re the products I’ve been using to brush my bully’s teeth so far;

  • Gauze wrapped around your finger 
  • Pre-treated wipes 
  • A special dog toothbrush
  • Smaller plastic brushes that fit over your finger 

Now let’s look at a case scenario where you may have used all these right products to clean his teeth. Yet no improvement on his teeth’s appearance. My humble advice?

Your Bulldog May Need These wonderful services

To clarify,

Professional cleaning services do involve, having experts remove the tartar buildup, clean and polish your dog's teeth. If you notice the following signs, purpose to seek these professionals.

Signs your dog needs professional cleaning

  • Different breath or a more intense breath than normal
  • Excessive drooling 
  • Pawing at the mouth
  • Trouble eating hard food
  • Lack of easier to clow on yours

Your vet can recommend one for you. Remember, not all Bulldogs are the same. Some will need professional teeth cleaning services after 6 months others will live well without them.

Now to the part you’ve been longing for is finally here!

And to leave every stone turned, below I’ve put up a guide you can use to bath him the right way AND with the right products. He’ll enjoy bath-time every single time.

How to Your Sweet Bulldog Embrace Bathing

Washing an English Bulldog
Certainly your Bulldog won't need to bath as often. But you’ll need to bath once in a while right? It’s important to set aside an organized space for this purpose.

Similarly, you can make use of your bathroom to clean your bulldog in case you don't have a large laundry area. Do you have the right bathing essentials?

The Breakdown of Everything You Need to Bath Him 

Any groomer will tell you getting your Bulldog to bathe is not an easy task. That’s why you’ll need to have the following items to facilitate this process a little:

  • Get baby wipes – perfect for cleaning the wrinkle
  • Cotton balls or swabs along with ear-solution - Great for cleaning your Bully's ear
  • Dry shampoo - Never use human shampoo, no matter how well it smells. That's because the PH balance varies compared to dog dry shampoo.
  • Spray nozzle - You can attach it to the faucet or use something else to pour water on the Bully.
  • Grooming apron or sweater - Get ready to be wet as your bully is likely to shake himself severally.  
  • Hair dryer - It works best for drying your bulldog
  • Rubber mat - It will prevent your dog from sliding off
  • Dog towels- to pat him dry.

The Most Prudent Way to Actually Bath Your Bulldog

Sure you’ve everything ready.

Now is it not time for you to run your dog through the water? It is, though you need to remember that, the water shouldn't be too hot. It needs to be warm enough to make your dog feel comfortable and if

You’re not sure about the water temperature, you can always cool it to your bulldog’s taste. By studying his reactions towards the water. It’s important to note, hot water may scald your dog's paws and cold

Water may shock Your Bulldog and causing him to panic.  This brings us back to the essence of testing the water temperature beforehand. Then you can wisely call your Bully to bathe by either getting

A leash or lure him to come with you to the bathroom with a treat. After you both get into the bathroom, quickly lock the door. Otherwise, your dog may start wondering with suds around the

House and you don't want to keep chasing him. Do you?

Now You Can Groom Your English Bulldog

Yes, you didn't sign up for it.

Like with any experience, grooming an English bulldog may seem difficult at first. But with the right attitude on the check, you’ll definitely get used to the grind in no time.

As we’ve discussed above, for you to get positive results, you need to exercise grooming since your bully’s tender age up until maturity. And you’ll experience easier grooming sessions.

Grooming an English bulldog also calls for special care and attention. And it’s the surest way to keep your little pup free from all manner of diseases and conditions.

With regular cleaning, you’ll extend your pup's lifespan by far. Which’s what many pet parents like you wish for their bulldogs right? And because you've got the information you need to turn that wish into a

Reality, now go on and get busy.