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Why You Should Start Brushing Your Bulldog (Plus Every Essential You’ll Need)

Let's agree on one thing.

An English Bulldog doesn't have an elaborate coat or thick fur like other dogs right? And that’s good news to you because you don't have a lot of different types of dog brushes to clean your Bully's fur.

Truth is, either way, you’ll still need a brush for these three reasons:

  • Remove dead ha​​​​ir or even skin
  • Activate the blood flow 
  • Spread oil throughout its coat

And for these same reasons, you’ll need suitable items to effectively clean your English bulldog’s fur. Not unless you want to clean him for the sake of doing it. So, real quick let’s find out the

Basic items you’ll need;

  • A squirt bottle for water; Spritzing your dog's coat before brushing prevents the dog's hair from breaking. Ensure to add a Listerine to keep your Bully's coat clean and dry. 
  • A bristle brush; A great brush for brushing away loose hair 
  • Currying comb; The perfect comb for working out his fur and removing any clumped hair

Shall We Brush Him Now?

Take your brush, start brushing from the nose to the tail. It’s important to note there’re certain postures which improve your bulldog brushing experience than others. For instance, reclining and standing.

If your Bully prefers not to recline during brushing, that's okay. You can let him stand instead. While you’re doing this remember to always have some treats available to calm him down.

That said, it’s important you review the following tips which will by far improve your bulldog brushing experience.

2 Surefire Tips To Effectively Brush Your English Bulldog

Tip #1.

Yeah, I know most of you have a grooming table. But what I’ve realized, my bed does make a wonderful grooming surface as well.

It’s fairly high enough and so, I prefer to host my Bulldog on it while I brush him. Another reason I love to brush him on the bed, it provides a big surface area for my dog and I. So I comfortably sit on the

Bed and carefully attend to him. And what's more? It’s a soft place for my Bully to roll over as I continue brushing the other sides. Unfortunately, it would be impossible if I were to do it on a grooming table so

If you’re going to try this, ensure you lay a sheet on your bed before laying your bulldog there. After brushing, take the sheet outside and shake the hair before throwing it in a washing machine.

If you’re excited about this great tip, well it’ll work like a charm if you combine it with this other tip.

Tip #2.

Did you know?

That most Bulldogs panic when there’re no surfaces to grip on during the grooming session? Which’s why you need to have a non-skid surface or a rubber mat for him to stand on and he’ll never

Slide or run away out of fear making it easier for you to brush him. Another note, Bulldogs don't have double coats as most dogs do. Meaning they do overheat.

That’s why every English bulldog needs special care and love during grooming. You might want to buy an English bulldog grooming kit, but that's not enough.

You see those cute little wrinkles on your Bulldog’s face, those you can't get enough of? They can develop serious infections if you don’t clean them properly.

Below we’re going to dig deeper to learn how best you clean your bully’s skin. And you’ll distance your bully from such infections.

English Bulldog's Skin: Effective Ways to Looking After Your Bully's Coat

Here’s the thing:

An English Bulldog tends to be more susceptible to skin problems than other breeds. These problems may range from dry, flaky skin to serious allergies.

Often, bulldogs with fleas may develop hot spots. And because you don’t want your bully to be infected with such skin problems. Up next we’ll discuss more about your

Bully's face wrinkles which need the most attention and care more than any other part.

Wisely Keep Your Bulldog's Wrinkles Clean and Dry

Deny it.

The fact that wrinkles give your Bulldog that characteristic charming look. But those face folds need to be clean and dry always. You can clean them once a week or every single day and here’s the reason.

There comes a time the skin inside the fold starts to look reddish, raw, which’s a sure sign that his skin is undeniably infected. Also, if you draw closer to your Bulldog’s face and notice a strong odor or goop

Coming from the wrinkles, as quickly as you can, you need to wipe him well using the following items;

  • Damp cloth
  • Cotton balls  
  • Alove
  • Baby wipes

When you use baby wipes with aloe, it not only soothes his skin. But also moisturizes it giving your dog that cool yet refreshing effect. Alternatively, this’s what you can use in case you don't have the aloe.

Get a damp cloth to perform the task for you. You can also mix shampoo with a drop of warm water, and cotton balls to clean the wrinkles. The next thing will be for you to rinse those wrinkles to

Prevent further irritation. No matter what you use to rinse your dog's face, ensure you pat those wrinkles dry. At this stage, you can certainly apply some petroleum jelly in the deep wrinkles to

Soothe the skin. The humble reason why you should not use drying agents such as powders and cornstarch is this. I’ve used them in the past only to notice some clumpiness and irritation on my Bully's skin later.

But in case your Bulldog has raw or irritated wrinkles, use a general antiseptic or a diaper-rush ointment to treat the area. And because we’ve exclusively discussed brushing your bully,

Also how to clean his skin more so the wrinkles, can we quickly switch gears and have a look at what the tail hygiene dictates?

Bulldog's Tail Pocket: Everything You Need To Know

One question if I may:

Did you know your bulldog’s tail is a perfect ground that can easily harbor harmful bacteria? Before you answer that, let me explain something. If your bulldog has got a tail pocket, it means he has a thick fold

 Surrounding the skin. And you need to make an effort of cleaning and drying that pocket. For those whom their English bulldog have a tight tail pocket, it’s advisable to clean it using a cotton ball or baby

Wipe. Forget not to dry it well and rub on it antibiotics cream for protection. Petroleum jelly’s also great as it moistens the area like it does for the wrinkles. If you suspect your bully’s tail could be infected or

Irritated tail, do not hesitate to see a veterinarian for further analysis. The most looked down part is the bully’s nails. Maybe because they’re only there for beauty purposes and while that could be it,

What much can be done about them?

2 Clever Ways to Excellently Care for Your Bulldog's Nails

You are lucky.

If you have a paved road or cemented sidewalks, because you may not need to clip or grind your Bully's nails. I mean the environment is usually clean but if you normally walk your bully to the neighborhoods

Like most of us do, you need to ensure your Bully's nails are short. To greatly reduce the possibility of your dog’s feet spreading causing him difficulties while walking by.

I know how scary it can be to cut your dog's nail. But imagine your bulldog will feel no pain unless you cut the quick (a long vein at the center of your dog's nail). The secret is to start trimming your bully

While he’s a pup so he gets used to having his feet handled as he grows up and like any other dog training lesson, You can hold his pawn and give him a treat. With time, your pup will associate paw

Handling with happy moments which’s a plus for you right? Let’s now take a dive right into the nail caring process with these easy ways.  

#1. Bulldog's Nail Clippers  

First and foremost.

Buy a special nail clipper for dogs. If you’re unable to find one, go ahead and ask either your groomer or your veterinary for a perfect recommendation and you’ll be ready to clip his nails as directed below.

Ensure the clippers are sharp enough for you to cut the nails faster. You’ll save yourself both the time and energy needed in this process. Start by clipping each foot at a time and as you trim the nails, give

Your pup a treat, release him to play and repeat the same pattern with all the toes. The break session allows you to recoup between trimmings. In fact, this’s a great way, especially if you’re worried about

Cutting your dog's quick. If your Bulldog has white nails, chances are, the quick will automatically be visible to you. As it resembles a small, dark nail inside the actual nail and if your Bully'sails are black,

You’ll need to make an educated guess. However, the general rule is  to never cut the nails past the pad of the foot. And the redeeming news? When you trim your Bully on a regular basis, eventually the quick

Will trim itself thus reducing the risk of you cutting it. Still on the quick issue, here’s the answer to the most commonly asked question.

What if you accidentally cut the quick?

Worry not.

  • First, get the styptic powder and apply on his toe to stop further bleeding
  • Second, keep the paw elevated until the bleeding ceases.

#2. Grinding the Nails

Try Grinding Your Bulldog's Nails Instead.

You can always use a grinder to file and grind the nails away. And in order to get your Bully used to it, frequently turn on the grinder so your bully gets used to both; the grinder’s noise and the shaking tool.

As discussed in the case of clipping. Begin by grinding one nail at a time. Give him a treat, release him to play and repeat the same pattern with all his nails. Doing this regularly is a sure way to get your

Bully used to the grinding process. And you’ll comfortably carry this out in future stress-free. Let’s not forget about these other useful organs of your bully’s body. The ears and this is why you need to care.

Why You need to Care More About Your Bulldog's Ears  

Here’s the thing.

Where there’s no free flow of air like in the ears, infections develop at a faster rate than that of lightning. That's why it’s crucial to clean your Bulldog's ears to prevent potential ear infections and

All you need is, hydrogen peroxide and a ball of cotton wool to clean him. While at it, do not forget his ear flaps. Clean them gently. And unless you want to injure your Bulldog ever, never, I repeat never

Poke or push into the inner ear when cleaning it. To rule out ear infections, look out for the following signs. If your Bully keeps on shaking his head or scratching his ears continuously, you may need

To see a vet right away. That said, there’re a few notes for you if you care so much about your bulldog’s healthy teeth. Follow me for a minute.

#1 Simple Truth About Caring Your Bulldog’s Teeth

How to clean your bulldog's teeth

Look here.

Tooth decay’s not a common problem with dogs as it is with humans. But that doesn't mean your Bulldog won't experience tooth problem. On the contrary, bulldogs are susceptible to

Complications such as tartar (a plaque that hardens the teeth). And you can protect your dog from such periodontal diseases by religiously brushing his teeth. I know you’re wondering.

Why Brush the Bulldog’s Teeth?

And I’ll tell you.

As it seems, brushing your bully's teeth is the last thing you would want to do. But the statistics reveal 75% of all dogs experience periodontal diseases when they are 4 years of age. That means,

You need to start brushing your Bulldog’s teeth using the right products from his early years of life up to maturity.  Your vet or groomer should recommend to you the best dog's teeth products. However,

These’re the products I’ve been using to brush my bully’s teeth so far;

  • Gauze wrapped around your finger 
  • Pre-treated wipes 
  • A special dog toothbrush
  • Smaller plastic brushes that fit over your finger 

Now let’s look at a case scenario where you may have used all these right products to clean his teeth. Yet no improvement on his teeth’s appearance. My humble advice?

Your Bulldog May Need These wonderful services

To clarify,

Professional cleaning services do involve, having experts remove the tartar buildup, clean and polish your dog's teeth. If you notice the following signs, purpose to seek these professionals.

Signs your dog needs professional cleaning

  • Different breath or a more intense breath than normal
  • Excessive drooling 
  • Pawing at the mouth
  • Trouble eating hard food
  • Lack of easier to clow on yours

Your vet can recommend one for you. Remember, not all Bulldogs are the same. Some will need professional teeth cleaning services after 6 months others will live well without them.

Now to the part you’ve been longing for is finally here!

And to leave every stone turned, below I’ve put up a guide you can use to bath him the right way AND with the right products. He’ll enjoy bath-time every single time.

How to Your Sweet Bulldog Embrace Bathing

Washing an English Bulldog
Certainly your Bulldog won't need to bath as often. But you’ll need to bath once in a while right? It’s important to set aside an organized space for this purpose.

Similarly, you can make use of your bathroom to clean your bulldog in case you don't have a large laundry area. Do you have the right bathing essentials?

The Breakdown of Everything You Need to Bath Him 

Any groomer will tell you getting your Bulldog to bathe is not an easy task. That’s why you’ll need to have the following items to facilitate this process a little:

  • Get baby wipes – perfect for cleaning the wrinkle
  • Cotton balls or swabs along with ear-solution - Great for cleaning your Bully's ear
  • Dry shampoo - Never use human shampoo, no matter how well it smells. That's because the PH balance varies compared to dog dry shampoo.
  • Spray nozzle - You can attach it to the faucet or use something else to pour water on the Bully.
  • Grooming apron or sweater - Get ready to be wet as your bully is likely to shake himself severally.  
  • Hair dryer - It works best for drying your bulldog
  • Rubber mat - It will prevent your dog from sliding off
  • Dog towels- to pat him dry.

The Most Prudent Way to Actually Bath Your Bulldog

Sure you’ve everything ready.

Now is it not time for you to run your dog through the water? It is, though you need to remember that, the water shouldn't be too hot. It needs to be warm enough to make your dog feel comfortable and if

You’re not sure about the water temperature, you can always cool it to your bulldog’s taste. By studying his reactions towards the water. It’s important to note, hot water may scald your dog's paws and cold

Water may shock Your Bulldog and causing him to panic.  This brings us back to the essence of testing the water temperature beforehand. Then you can wisely call your Bully to bathe by either getting

A leash or lure him to come with you to the bathroom with a treat. After you both get into the bathroom, quickly lock the door. Otherwise, your dog may start wondering with suds around the

House and you don't want to keep chasing him. Do you?

Now You Can Groom Your English Bulldog

Yes, you didn't sign up for it.

Like with any experience, grooming an English bulldog may seem difficult at first. But with the right attitude on the check, you’ll definitely get used to the grind in no time.

As we’ve discussed above, for you to get positive results, you need to exercise grooming since your bully’s tender age up until maturity. And you’ll experience easier grooming sessions.

Grooming an English bulldog also calls for special care and attention. And it’s the surest way to keep your little pup free from all manner of diseases and conditions.

With regular cleaning, you’ll extend your pup's lifespan by far. Which’s what many pet parents like you wish for their bulldogs right? And because you've got the information you need to turn that wish into a

Reality, now go on and get busy.

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